Design Engineering Support and Quality Control

Our experienced engineering team at Specialty Fabrication and Powder Coating, LLC can easily troubleshoot your most intricate parts, assuring the end product will be designed and fabricated to promote structural integrity and decreased cost through optimizing material usage.

We assure our quality and tolerances, with a very dedicated Quality Control division. Our laser measurement system pulls a scan of the parts in real-time on an overlay of their CAD file and uses histograms graphs and varying colors to distinguish tolerance throughout the part. The ability to create accurate .dxf files allows us to offer customers accurate reverse engineering services.

Specialty Fabrication and Powder Coating, LLC


Extensive CAD capability including 3D, solid modeling, and CADCAM off line programming. Engineering support provided for part design, CAD drawings, DFM, Concurrent and Collaborative Engineering, and ESI-Early Supplier Involvement.

Lean Manufacturing

Manufacturing cells, KAN-BAN Inventory Control and JIT System, Quality System checks and responsibility vested in the operators, all combined in our unique manufacturing system that assures your parts will be delivered on time, to specifications, and in the shortest possible lead times.

Sheet Metal

LASER                 Bystronic Laser ByAutonom 6000W, With Rotary Axis

                    Bystronic Laser BL 4000W ByStar, With Rotary Axis

                    Bystronic Laser Byspeed 4400W

Flat Stock:          General       60" x 120" Max. Sheet Size

                    CRS/HRS                  1” Max. Thickness

                    SS                           3/4” Max. Thickness

                    ALUM                     5/8” Max. Thickness

                    LEXAN                    1/2” Max. Thickness

                    NYLON                   1/4” Max. Thickness

                    DELRIN                   1/4” Max. Thickness

Tube Stock:       General     1/2" - 12" OD Range x 90" Max Length

                   CRS/HRS              .250 Max. Wall Thickness

                   SS & ALUM           .125 Max. Wall Thickness

                   *Dia > 5-1/4” OD require a Fixture

                   *For other Materials & other Thickness inquire


Flat Stock:         General              10’ Max. Width

                            CRS/HRS            8GA Max. Thickness
                            SS                        11GA Max. Thickness
                            ALUM                  1/4” Max. Thickness
                            LEXAN                 1/8” Max. Thickness

Turret Punch

Amada EMK3610NT With Automation Load and Unload

Flat Stock:              General , 60” x  120” Max. Sheet Size Without Repositioning

                                  CRS                 5/16 Max. Thickness

                                                           Min. Hole Dia = or > Mat’l Thickness

                                  SS                   14GA Max. Thickness

                                                           Min. Hole Dia = or > Mat’l Thickness

                                  ALUM             3/8” Max. Thickness

 Min. Hole Dia = or > 85% Mat’l Thickness

      LEXAN           1/8” Max. Thickness

                                                                   Min. Hole Dia = or > Mat’l Thickness


2”Dia x 12” Rolls

3”Dia. Min. x 7” Max. x 16GA CRS Max.

3”Dia. Min. x 4” Max. x 16GA SS Max.

3”Dia x 4’ Rolls

4”Dia. Min. x 12” Max. x 14GA CRS Max.

5”Dia. Min. x 12” Max. x 14GA SS Max.

8”Dia. Min. x 30” Max. x 14GA CRS/SS Max.

4”Dia x 5’ Rolls

5 3/8”Dia. Min. x 5’ Max. x 11GA CRS/SS Max.

6”Dia. Min. x 24” Max. x 8GA CRS Max.

6”Dia x 6’ Rolls

7”Dia. Min. x 6’ Max. x 11GA Max. CRS/SS
-{Min. 10”Dia Cone ( Sm. End ) x 24”Max. x 11GA Max.}
-{Min. 14”Dia Cone ( Sm. End ) x 55”Max. x 11GA Max.}

7”Dia. Min. x 2’ Max. x 8GA Max. CRS/SS

10”Dia. Min. x 6’ Max. x 1/4” Max. ALUM



90 Ton X 10’ Bend Length

135 Ton X 10’ Bend Length

210 Ton X 13’ Bend Length With 6 Axis Back Gauge


210 Ton X 13’ Bend Length With 6 Axis Back Gauge

Machine Shop

MILLS – Manual / CNC            Table  (W x L)                 Bed ( X         Y           Z )

FlexDrill (GRD 20-06) 6’ x 20’             240  x   72   x   19.5

(2) TRAK                     10 x 44               32    x   16   x   27

Haas VF-4                    18 x 52               50    x   20   x  17

Haas VF-5                    23 x 62               60    x   26   x  25

Sharp                           10 x 44               32   x   15   x   10

Lagun                          11 x 54               29   x   12   x   15

LATHES – Manual / CNC                               Dia                 Ctr to Ctr

HAAS  ST 25Y            31.75                     20

TRAK                           17                           26

TRAK                           18                           35

Hwacheon                  17                           35

RADIAL DRILLS                  Arm                                          Table (D xW)            Bench (D x W x H)

(2) Sharp RD-1230       3’                    23 x 42                19-1/2 x 25 x 19-1/2


GEKA Hydracrop 5 O/A

7/32”Dia to 15/16”Dia

SAWS – Auto                 Type                                                 Ht x W

Behringer HBP310-430GA. Band          15.7 x 12.2

SAWS – 2 Manual         Type                                                Ht x W

Marvel 8-Mark II          Band                  19-1/2 x 18


Haeger 824 Window Touch 72 KN, Up to 1500 inserts per hour



Total of 19 welding booths set up for various sizes and shapes of weldments. All have overhead or jib cranes. Some have turntables and trunnions.

Lincoln System 55 Fanuc Robotic Welding Cell

Lincoln Fab-Pak FT-DS Robotic Welding Cell

Mig: Steel, Stainless Steel & Aluminum

Tig: Steel, Stainless Steel & Aluminum

Automatic Seam Weld: Steel & Stainless Steel

Spot Weld: Steel & Stainless Steel

Surface Finishing


Max Part Size: 34” Wide x 55” High x 8 Feet Long

Max. Part Wgt: 500 Pounds

Continuous flow automatic line, 5 stage washer, dry oven, powder coat and cure oven.

Gema Magic Compact Automatic Paint System (New 2019) high volume parts. In line Deimco Manual Booth for short runs and special colors.

KUHLMEYER  ZBS Belt Finishing Machine



Skilled assembly personnel are on staff to perform a wide range of assembly functions.

General Shop Equipment

All typical shop items such as drill presses, tapping heads, insert and stud setters, grinding wheels, polishing wheels, manual grinding and finishing of welds, and sand blasting cabinets. The entire production floor is serviced by overhead cranes, in addition to dedicated jib cranes in some of the cells.